Shark Video Productions
President: Mark Bournes

Mark is an award winning Photojournalist and Editor. He started Shark Video
Productions in 2005. Mark has been working in the television industry since 1990.
After years of working for local and network TV stations as well as private
production companies Mark decided to start his own production company. His
company provides a wide range of video production services. At Shark Video
Productions we provide the highest quality HD and SD productions that fit your
budget. We handle everything from DVD dubs to network television production.
Whatever your video needs, Shark Video Productions has you covered.


2008: AVA Awards Documentary Category: 15 Minutes

2006: Freddie Award Winner

2005: The Communicator Awards, Award of Excellence, Facing the Mirror with     

2004: The Videographer Awards, Award of Excellence, Plants out of Place

1999: Associated Press. 1st and 2nd Place Sports Features

1998: N.P.P.A 1st place Region 6 Feature Category

1997: Associated Press 1st Place Feature category

1996: O.N.P.A 3rd Place Feature Category, Honorable Mention Feature

1995: Associated Press Judges Award Feature Category
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